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What is ForeverPage?
A unique service for people who don't want to bother with monthly bills, contracts or yearly commitments.
How does it work?
The caller dials the ForeverPage number, listens for the prompt to accept the  charge then punches in his/her call back number, or leaves a message.
What is the difference between numeric and alphanumeric pagers?
You only receive numbers with a numeric pager. Alphanumeric pagers provide the choice of displaying numbers or typed messages. In addition, our alphanumeric service provides a voicemail option.
Will I have a monthly bill?
No monthly bills, ever. The caller pays for the service, like in other calling situations.
Is there a limit on the number of pages I can receive per month?
No, you can receive an unlimited number of pages.
Will I have to sign a contract?
No, there are no contracts and no commitments with ForeverPage.
How is the paging party billed when completing a ForeverPage call?
The caller's phone bill is charged 35 (or 40 for a voice page) for each call. However,  there is no charge for the phone call itself since the pagers can be accessed toll free. No charge occurs from payphones, no quarter deposit needed.
Why would anyone want to pay to page me?
The calling party in most cases pays 35 for dialing a regular area code pager number anyway, and remember ForeverPage has toll free access. In our case there is no charge for the phone call itself, the caller pays for the paging service only. Besides you can be reached from anywhere in the United States without a penny from payphones.
Are callers aware of the ForeverPage charge when they place the call?
Yes, the caller is prompted to press '1' to accept the charge or simply hang up to cancel the page.
Is it still only 35 and 40 for voice message calling from any state?
Yes, it is 35 (40 for voice message) to complete a ForeverPage call using your toll free access number from any state. Absolutely free from payphones from any part of the country.
How does the alphanumeric voice message paging service work?
The caller leaves you a voice message, which is converted by a computer program to written form. No operators, no waiting on hold. You can read the message on the screen of your pager. You also have the option to call your own toll free number and listen to the actual voice message at no charge.
Is there any charge to retrieve my voice messages?
No, there is absolutely no charge.
What area codes are available?
Your pager will have a toll free access telephone number.
What is my pager's phone number?
Our numeric pagers have their own personalized toll free numbers. For alphanumeric (voice message) pagers the toll free number is: 888-778-TEXT plus a personal PIN number.
Can I choose my own ForeverPage pin number?
Your ForeverPage pager will have a preprogrammed pin number for immediate access.
Will my ForeverPage pager work in most states?
Yes, your pager number can be dialed toll free from anywhere in the U.S. However, in order for you to receive pages your pager must be within a coverage area. Click here to check the coverage map.
What if I leave my coverage area?
When you leave your coverage area, you dial our toll free automated hotline to change your coverage region. It takes 30 seconds, it is free, there is no restrictions on the number of times you change your coverage.
Can my ForeverPage pager be paged from a pay phone?
Yes, a ForeverPage number can be dialed from any phone.
Is there an additional charge to page from a pay phone?
No, your ForeverPage number can be accessed toll free from any phone, no coin deposit needed.
If I change my pager, will I have to change my ForeverPage pager number?
No, your pager number can be transferred to any ForeverPage pager or service.
Do you offer warranty service?
Our limited 90 days warranty covers material and manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover damages resulting from improper handling. In other words, if your pager is malfunctioning, defective, we will provide you replacement. If you drop it or break it, we do not take responsibility.
Replacement units for damaged items are available (even if it is caused by the user) for 55% of the original purchase price of the activated pager within 1 year of purchase.
Is it really forever?
The ForeverPage program has been in increasingly great demand since 1995. We keep expanding and enhancing the service options. Yes, it is forever!

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